The Beatles Christmas Records 1963-1970

The Beatles Christmas Records 1963-1970 , Tony Barrow created the concept in 1963 for the team to tape-record a Christmas Document and also send it to members of the Official Beatles Fan Club run by Freda Kelly (Excellent Ol’ Freda). The Beatles videotaped 7 Christmas records from 1963-1970. The early records were from a manuscript created by Tony Barrow with little attachments.
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The Beatles Christmas

The Beatles Xmas Record (1963 ):

Recorded: 17 October, 1963 at Workshop 2, EMI Studios

Manufacturer: George Martin

Designer: Norman Smith

Overall Time: 5:03

Launched: UK 6 December; US 18 December


The big highlights from the album are;

All vocal singing “Good King Wenceslas”

John Lennon taking around “Please Please Me”, “Love Me Do”, and also the Royal Command Preformances

Paul McCartney spent his time discussing Jellybabies and also just how they wish to not have them sent any longer yet that they still like chocolates and also others as well as what they like the very best.

Ringo Starr talked about his background and also just how he went from lots of other bands, to Rory Tornado to The Beatles.

George Harrison gave thanks to the fans and also the Head of The Follower Club

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Another Beatles Christmas Document (1964 ):

Videotaped: 6 October

Released: 18 December

Total Time: 4:01

After taping Carl Perkins “Honey Do Not” The Beatles once again read a Tony Barrow manuscript for their 2nd Christmas document.


Piano introduction “Jingle Bells”

Paul McCartney thanked the followers for buying the documents

John Lennon gave thanks to the fans for buying his book “In His Own Write”

George Harrison claimed thanks as well as just talked about The Beatles very first motion picture” A Difficult Days Evening” and after that pointed out that they were bring out a second film the list below year.

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Ringo Starr thanked the fans for simply being fans.

Ended it with “Oh can you Clean Your Dad’s T-shirt”

The Beatles Third Xmas Document (1965 )

Taped: 8 November

Launched: 17 December

Total Time: 6:20

Emphasizes from cd;

Introductory “Yesterday”.

Thanks for cards and provides recieved that year.

” Pleased Christmas To ya Detail’ nas”/ “Down in The Forest”, “Auld Lang Syne”, “It’s The Same Old Tune”.

Phony radio broadcast.

” Auld Lang Syne” in vogue of Barry McGuire.

” Christmas Comes but Once A Year”.

” Yesterday” Reprise.

” Xmas Day”.

A message from John Lennon.

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Patomine (Anywhere It’s Christmas) (1966 ):.

Recorded: 25 November at Prick James Songs Office in London.

Launched: 16 December.

Complete Time: 6:36.

Paul McCartney had actually persuaded the rest of the band that they must produce a real document based on the Hooligan Program, this resulted in “All over It’s Xmas”.

Track listing for The Beatles Third Christmas Record;.

” All over It’s Christmas”.

” Orowanyna (Corsican Choir and also Small Choir).

Rare Cheese (Two Senior Scotsmen).

The Feast.

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The Dedicated Salute.

Podgy The Bear and also Jasper.

Felpin Mansions; Part One- Matter Balder as well as Butler.

Felpin Mansions; Sequel- The Matter and also The Pianist.

” Please Do Not Bring Your Banjo Back”.

” All over It’s Xmas” by Mal Evans.

” Anywhere It’s Christmas” reprise.

Christmas Time Is Below Once More (1967 ).

Videotaped: 28 November.

Released: 15 December.

Total Time: 6:10.

The front cover being created by John as well as Ringo and also having the back cover a painting done by Julian Lennon.

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The Beatles Christmas

The document went as adhered to;.

” Christmas Time Is Right Here Once Again” BBC House.

” Christmas Time Is Here Once more”.

Tryout; Tap Dance.


Interview with Sir Gerald.

” Christmas Time Is Here Again” with giggling from the band.

” On The Following Round”.

Dedication; “Plenty Of Jam Jars” by the Revellers.

Game Program.



” Xmas Time Is Here Again”.

Video game Program 2.

Victor Spinnetti appreciating.

” When Christmas Time Mores Than” a poem by the very skilled John Lennon.

Xmas Document (Delighted Christmas) (1968 ).

Recorded: November- Numerous times as well as areas.

Released: 20 December.

Total Time: 7:55.

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Throughout this time around The Beatles were wandering apart and also rarely talking as high as they used to. Kenny Everett, BBC presenter permitted each member to videotape independently. Most recording were done in your home, except for Ringo who determined to do his in the rear of a van.

The cd went as complied with;.

Merry Xmas from Ringo.

Paul sings “Pleased Xmas, Pleased New Year”.

An accelerated variation of “Helter Skelter”.

” Jock and Yono” story/poem by John.

Perrey as well as Kingsley’s “Baroque Hoedown”.

Merry Christmas from George Harrison.

Merry Christmas from Mal Evans.

John and Ringo skit.

” As soon as upon a Pool Table” by John.

George introduces Tiny Tim.

Tiny Tim sings “No place Male”.

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The Beatles Seventh Christmas Record (1969 ).

Recorded: Autumn various time and also places.

Released: 19 December.

Total Time: 7:42.

There was a great deal of warm at the end of The Beatles which not only influenced their albums. In the last Beatles Xmas cd George hardly shows up, Ringo spends his time talking about his new flick, The Magic Christan, Paul plays acoustic songs at his home, and John is all about his new other half Yoko Ono. The cover includes another Beatles youngsters artwork, Zak Starkey’s drawing.

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The albums highlights;.

John and Yoko.

John’s Xmas desires.

George states Satisfied Xmas.

Ringo sings “This is to Desire You A Merry Xmas”/ Paul’s Christmas as well as New Years Desires.

Subordinate holiday songs.

John and Yoko review tranquility and the 1970s.

John and Yoko sing “Satisfied Christmas”.

Ringo says “Merry Christmas” as well as talks on The Magic Christian.

John and Yoko go over Christmas presents.

Incidental music “The First Noel”.

On the night of 28 October, 1971 to the early morning of the 29 John as well as Yoko Lennon composed “Delighted Xmas (War Is Over)” stating they were “Tired of ‘White Xmas'”. The track consists of the Harlem Neighborhood Choir vocal singing “War Mores than, If You Desired It”. Attributed to The Plastic Ono Band and also The Harlem Area Choir. Three years before the track the couple had begun the “Battle Mores than” campaign having showing signboards advertising the message in eleven significant cities.

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In 1979 Paul McCartney had launched ‘Marvel Christmastime” which appeared as an incentive track on Wings Back To The Egg. The song was done by Paul McCartney himself throughout the solo cd, McCartney II sessions.

Ringo Starr released a Christmas album on 19 October, 1999 called I Want To Be Santa Claus. The album featured tracks by Ringo and Mark Hudson like “Beloved Santa” and “Christmas Eve”. The album includes twelve tunes making the cd an overall of 44:59.

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